Continuous Improvement

Spares For Remanufactured Tooling

As part of our continued improvement process we have analyzed the amount of time spent looking for, or chasing, spares for the tools we repair.

In the past Numill has managed to repair most tools using stocks of inserts that we have amassed over time. Unfortunately this is becoming increasingly difficult to do due to the ever changing design of inserts and tools and also more items are becoming obsolete. As you can imagine we have hundreds of thousands of parts and some are very similar to each other but not always correct to the customers specification.

We are therefore trying to move away from keeping stocks of inserts preferring always to use the parts that the customer uses so we know we are repairing tools to the appropriate spares.

For 2018 we are asking you to help us help you to minimize delays and price increases by supplying spare parts with all tooling sent for remanufacture.

This will help us speed up the repair process and possibly keep any future price increases to a minimum by leaving our engineers to work efficiently and not use valuable time chasing spare parts.

We do offer a free insert fitting service where customers can supply packs of all the parts and we will return the tools fully fitted & ready to use. All leftover parts would be returned also.

Your help is much appreciated and we look forward to serving you further throughout 2018 and beyond.

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