Tool Design & Manufacture

A Design Manufacturing Solution to Meet Clients Requests

Along with a well established specialist repair service Numill also has design & precision cutting tool manufacture capabilities.

Offering Precise Cutting Tool Manufacture Services

With the vast experience gained from repairing all types of machine tools that use indexable carbide inserts, our staff have all the knowledge needed to help our customers. This enables the manufacturing team to offer the following services:

  • Design tools and source appropriate inserts
  • Design & manufacture combination tools, reducing cycle times to be more cost efficient
  • Manufacture tooling to customers own drawings
  • We can take component drawings and design and manufacture the tooling you need
  • Redraw and replicate obsolete tooling for continuity & client preference
  • Manufacture tools to utilise customers existing or preferred carbide stocks
  • Consultation with one of our specialists to assess the customer’s specific needs.

The in house manufacturing section is an integral part of Numill. We have an established customer base with orders ranging from one off specialist tools to repeat monthly customer bulk stock orders.

Our specialist tool manufacturing service benefits from ongoing investment in new machinery allowing us to continuously improve our specialist tooling solutions for new and existing customers.

Numill customers receive competitive quotes, short lead times and our excellent quality.


Precision as Standard

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Numill bespoke tooling.



Our tool repair service offers an unbeatable package, developed using specialised techniques & using the latest technology.



Along with a well established specialist repair service Numill also has precision design and manufacturing capabilities.



Numill have just undertaken major investment in new technology to aid the consistency & quality required in our field of expertise.

8 Reasons to Choose Numill: The Cutting Tool Repair Specialists

  • 45 years of specialist cutting tool repair experience
  • Rapid turnaround times with 100% quality satisfaction guarantee
  • Cost saving of up to 90%
  • Diverse clientele from small machine companies to global OEMs
  • Work with various sectors… Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and Railtrack
  • Replicate obsolete tooling
  • Award-winning tool remanufacturer
  • Best in the tool repair industry serving the UK and International market